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Tuesday, November 30, 1999

New! Free! Barrakuda McMurder EP!!!

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Click HERE to download the brand new FREE Barrakuda McMurder EP, “More Songs About Girlfriends And Volcanoes”. Barrakuda McMurder is Grath Madden’s (Steinways, House Boat) “solo” “recording” project (my descriptives, not his). House Party Records partnered with It’s Alive Records in 2009 to release the fast selling, currently out of print “Slow Crawl” 7″. This is more of the same awesome humorous heartfelt pup-punk greatness that we’ve come to expect from who I consider to be just about the best songwriter making melodic punk rock today.

Also, check out the sidebar, we’re all up to date. Tons of new downloads. BOOYA!!!

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Tuesday, November 30, 1999

Help keep thhe Rocket To Russia show on the air!!!!!!!


It’s CKDU’s funding drive which means basically this: WE NEED YOUR MONEY.

Don’t stop reading. It is no money down, no interest, no payments for a little while. Here’s how it works: You email me your mailing address and how much you’d like to pledge (5 dollars is fine, more is nice) and we will send you out a pledge package. You will have til around the end of winter/early spring to cough it up.

This is important. It’s the ONLY way CKDU raises enough money to continue existing every year. Also, if you are a supporter of this show, you should know that they have been nice enough to let me remain programming with them while I am looking for a new radio home in Toronto. Their support during this transition period has been the ONLY thing that has kept R2R going strong as I move 2000km away from home.

Please email me your info (just your mailing address and how much you intend to pledge) at Everything is appreciated, no matter how big or small.

Thank you.

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Tuesday, November 30, 1999

Larry Livermore

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Larry Livermore has a brand spankin new webpage up featuring a TON of new content. There’s a Cometbus interview, A history of his bands the Lookouts & The Potatomen, the Lookout Records story and an amazing multi-part interview with BJ from Green Day, conducted in 2002. In addition, Larry’s regular blog postings are found here as well. Larry is somewhat of a wealth of knowledge on punk rock, specifically the 90’s pop-punk explosion (he will doubtlessly take issue with my labeling it as such), since he was there for the whole thing, and was without a doubt a major player (he will doubtlessly take issue with my labeling him as such) in the whole thing.

Check it out at . You will not be sorry.

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Tuesday, November 30, 1999

Fuck the Dopamines, I love the Dopamines.


The DippyDaps are on tour in Europe, and surprise, surprise! They’re running around getting shitfaced, breaking stuff and acting like assholes! Here are the 1st two installments of their video tour blog.

Dopamines Euro Tour Blog #1

Dopamines Euro Tour Blog #2

Jon Lewis did one of my favorite episodes of Celebrity Punk Rock Top 10 way back at Episode 52. Jon Weiner thinks I’m gonna let him do it too, but nope!

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Tuesday, November 30, 1999

New episodes up.

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Three new episodes up on the sidebar. Get into it, or stuff. Also check out all the stuff I’m selling in the store and the distro at !!!!!

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Tuesday, November 30, 1999

New uploads

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No excuses, I’m just very busy and alternately, lazy. There are 3 new episodes up on the sidebar, and I will get the last 2 weeks worth up as soon as I can get them edited. If you are wondering what I’ve been up to, you could probably check it out over here….. and also here…..

And then watch this:
House Boat - I Watched The Biggest Loser Australia - Live at Insubordination Fest

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Tuesday, November 30, 1999


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When the show was in it’s infancy I emailed Jesse Michaels of Operation Ivy for a CPRtop10 interview, and though he didn’t want to talk on the radio, he was gracious enough to send me his list anyway. Here’s his response……

Hi, Thanks for writing and for your interest in an interview. Truthfully, I avoid interviews because they make me uncomfortable. I will tell you 5 of my favorite punk records however. They are not in order.

The Ramones- Leave Home

Stiff Little Fingers- Inflammable Material

Black Flag- Damaged

Buzzcocks- Singles going steady or any of the first 3 albums

Damned- Neat Neat Neat

Bad Brains- Roir Tape (first album)

The Saints- Hanging on the telephone

The Clash- The Clash

The Clash- London Calling

Jerry’s Kids- Is This My World


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Tuesday, November 30, 1999

Tongan Death Grip 7

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RSVP for this show on Facebook (aiight?)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, November 30, 1999

Celebrity Punk Rock Top Ten w/Lauren Denitzio (The Measure (SA)) TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!!!

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Tomorrow night on the Rocket To Russia show I will be joined by singer and guitarist of one of my new faves over the past few months, Lauren Denitzio of The Measure (SA).

Lauren is awesome and took the ball and ran with it, making some simply amazing picks for her top 10 punk rock records of all time. Listen live tomorrow night (Wednesday April 8th) at 9PM (8PM EST, etc, etc) right here by clicking on that cool little animated gif thing up in the corner or RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!!!!

Peace Out!
ger-ger binks

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Tuesday, November 30, 1999


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tour de france

So I get lazy about updating this. You can GO TO HELL.

Ok, seriously though. I’m sorry. Forgive me. REALLY. Come on. Don’t be like that. I can’t live without you. PLEASE. Come on. You say I’ve lost you forever, but I know the truth. You always come back.

Rocket To Russia Episode 56
Rocket To Russia Episode 57
Rocket To Russia Episode 58
Rocket To Russia Episode 59 (w/Joey “Shithead” Keithley)

See? Aren’t you glad you came home? Let’s never fight again.

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